Market Your Product

Reach New Customers through ODVA Membership 

An ODVA Declaration of Conformity (DOC) provides licensed vendors the right to make, market, and sell technology products named on that DOC.  If you are an ODVA Member™, you can reach an expanded base of potential customers through using the benefits of your ODVA Membership. Join ODVA to feature your products in ODVA venues including the Member Gallery from the Marketplace here at, internationally renowned venues such as the Hannover Messe (Germany), SPS IPC Drives Show (Germany), System Control Fair (Japan), Industrial Automation Show (Shanghai), and more! 

Manage Your Company's Presence in the Marketplace


ODVA encourages Members to take advantage its Marketplace -- the only global website dedicated to marketing ODVA Member companies and their CIP Network products. ODVA announces a quarterly "Call for Products" to all Members. The Call for Products is your invitation to review and add any enhancements or updates to the following: 

Members may submit new products or updates to the ODVA Marketplace at any time using the forms listed above.