Enabling Technology from ODVA Members

There are lots of different options available for getting ODVA technologies into your product! Partnering with an ODVA member who supplies enabling technology is one way to accelerate your project’s development.

Both hardware and software selections must be made to embed ODVA technologies into your products. Enabling technology from ODVA members is available that spans the complete range of selections you’ll need to make, including: 

  • Software stacks
  • Daughter boards
  • ASICs
  • Complete custom hardware and software design and FPGAs
  • Subcontract engineering 

Providers listed here are ODVA Members who, as their significant business, provide products or services that are designed to enhance the implementation, operation and support of hardware or software products that integrate ODVA technologies

If you would like to be featured with these Enabling Technology Providers, submit at least one enhancement (e.g., a tailored description, video, or application story) to your ODVA Member page, and be sure that at least one of your DOC Listings has been upgraded to a fully featured Member Gallery product listing (e.g., with a product photo, description, sales contact information, and CIP Network features) in the ODVA Marketplace. Updating your ODVA Member or Gallery product pages is easy:  simply visit your company's ODVA Member page, where you'll find a complete list of your ODVA Conformant products. Click the Submit Updates link, available from the lower-right side of your ODVA Member page, then complete the form and submit. Learn more.

Prior to publishing, ODVA staff will review all requests for Enabling Technology Provider listings to ensure the categorization is appropriate and the Member is in compliance with its Terms of Usage Agreement in full.