Why Adopt

The investment that you and your company make to acquire know-how pertaining to ODVA technologies and standards and to develop products using them will pay dividends for the long run. Let me share a few of the reasons why!

As a pioneer in the use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology (COTS) for information and communication technology (ICT), ODVA has empowered companies around the world to make and sell products for industrial automation as part of an international ecosystem of vendors. Today the number of vendors who have made and sold products using ODVA technologies exceeds 750, and the installed base of products numbers in the tens of millions of nodes. Built on COTS standards for Ethernet and Internet technologies, EtherNet/IP™ is one of the world’s leading industrial Ethernet networking technologies and is the leading technology to connect your products to the industrial Internet of Things (iIOT).

Companies who make and sell products using ODVA technologies benefit not only from being part of an international ecosystem of vendors, who together create a larger market opportunity for all participants, but also from the backing and stability of an association which remains steadfastly committed to its core mission to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation and thus create value for its stakeholder community. ODVA’s mission is backed by core values which aim to provide a level playing field for all vendors and help mitigate business risk by helping to minimize the risk for blocking intellectual property.  

The ODVA community of members is working hard to maintain the leading market position that ODVA technologies enjoy. The groundwork for today’s momentum was laid by DeviceNet but today is driven by EtherNet/IP. Among industrial Ethernet networks, EtherNet/IP has dominant market share in North America and is generally regarded as being of one of two industrial Ethernet networks that dominate the industrial automation marketplace. In the future, the Industrial Internet of Things will transform business models. As the dynamics of the industrial automation marketplace shift as a result of industrial megatrends such as iIOT and Industrie 4.0, EtherNet/IP will become one of the technologies that is core to its realization.  

As a developer of ODVA technologies, you will be making a sound and future-proof investment in technology know-how that will allow your company to be player on the world stage for THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION.